Seminar for Organizers at medical instrument manufacturers for therapists

Instruction to salespeople for techniques demonstrating their products to specialists. Past instructional seminar topics include: infrared therapy equipment, microcurrent therapy equipment, low frequency therapy equipment, carbonic mist treatment, heart rate measurement, and thermography.

Corporate and group seminars

Will instruct corporate clients and groups on a wide range of topics including health encouragement, physical conditioning, stretching and diet advice.
Beauty and medical industry clients may also request beauty and health-oriented lectures.

General population seminars

Will address concerns of pain relief and explain proper health maintenance to encourage optimal physical and mental health.

Seminars for children and parents/guardians

Seminars will encourage balanced growth and enable children to unlock their potential. Will answer any questions regarding youth development, including concerns of ankle and knee pain resulting from growth during primary and middle school; and whether weight training will result in stunted growth.
Sports classes are also provided to children to maximize their strength and promote healthy growth and development.