Treatment for acute and chronic pain; nerve pain
Treatment for fatigue, allergies, dysautonomia, sleeping disorders, sensitivity to cold


acial reshaping massage, facial swelling reduction, acne treatment, dark circles under eyes, dull skin, spinal correction, pelvic correction, lower body swelling



This healthy process will allow you to lose 2.5~3.5kg in only 5 days.
We recommend placing appointments once a month in a span that one can comfortably engage in the program.
This plan reduces internal stress and promotes all-around health.


This program uses the Iwai Method, and in 2 months will ensure that results are long-lasting.
Treatment will be tailored to individual needs and will be provided in 3 to 5 stages, consisting of changes to diet and exercise in addition to physical treatment.
This plan entails a broad scope of physical development and will lead to improvements in general health and overall well-being.