Certified Judo Therapist/Bonesetter.
Selected by athletes as medical trainer for Nagano Olympics at age 19.
Has since worked as a medical and physical trainer for top international athletes and artists.
Also specializes in assisting actresses and models achieve desired physical shape by organizing total management plans for diet, exercise and treatment.


1998 Nagano Olympics Medical Trainer
2002 Salt Lake CIty Olympics Medical Trainer
2005 K-1Dynamite!! Medical Trainer
2006 Torino Olympics Medical Trainer
2007 K-1Dynamite!!USA Medical Trainer, Inoki Genome Exclusive Trainer
2008 Beijing Olympics Medical Trainer, LPGA Medical Trainer
2008-2016 Yomiuri Giants Miyazaki Camp Medical Trainer
2010-2012 Japan National Soccer Team Medical Trainer
2017- Physical therapist for athletes; trainer and health advisor for actors and models


Marunouchi Health Care Lounge (Provider of autonomic testing and wellness program)

Promoting the well-being for hardworking businesspeople in Japan.
Health is an unignorable aspect of one’s life that underpins work, family, and hobbies and enables a fulfilling life.
We provide a variety of programs that encourage healthy living for people from all walks of life, including business people with limited time.

Fitness Club (Program Director)

THE COURT Jingu Gaien (Director: Fitness Room, Relaxation Room, Pool and Jacuzzi Space)

Odawara Keirin Velodrome (Producer, Health Calisthenics)

Odawara Health Calisthenics:
A preventative exercise routine that prevents atrophy to bones, joints, and muscles. Enables unencumbered movement for everyday actions.
We hope this will result in longer, more productive lives.

Lecture activities